Grub Error 28 Selected Item Cannot Fit Into Memory

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2011年2月23日. 今天偶用wubi安装ubuntu10.10时,重启选择安装项却提示: “Error:the initrd is too big! Press any key to continue” 然后再怎么也进不去了,这种情况以前没有遇到过。 既然ubuntu装不了就改装Qomo Linux吧,于是下了镜像文件选择硬盘安装。可是 重启选择安装项却提示: “GRUB Error 28: Selected item.

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Jun 1, 2004. command-line or in a boot sequence section of a configuration file and that entry is selected. 28 : Selected item cannot fit into memory. This error is returned if a kernel, module, or raw file load command is either trying to load its data such that it won't fit into memory or it is simply too big. 29 : Disk write error

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grub gives Error 28: selected item cannot fit into memory. Error 28: selected item cannot fit into memory I made a grub boot floppy with knoppix 5.0.1,

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"Not enough memory to load specified image" or "error 28 selected item cannot fit into memory". To resolve this error, you need to follow these steps: Enter the BIOS (typically, you need to reboot and repeatedly tap F2 (or find your BIOS Key here) as soon as your computer starts. Look to see if you can find an option named.

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However, to use the pre-compiled binary you will need to use the kernel command in grub4dos but on some PCs, this option does not work because the kernel command loads the binary file into an area of memory which is limited in size and so you will receive an 'error 28: selected item cannot fit into memory' message.

гружу грубом – error 28: Selected item cannot fit into memory на intel atom 330 с отключенной сетевой (вставлен реалтек) на виртуалке gpxe стартует. Добавлено: MeUserListRu прочитал (а я то думаю что за конвертик мигает ) куда бы пойти с темой загрузки winpe по сети с сетевой шарой +.

Grub error 28: selected item cannot fit into memory when writing higher half kernel. [ERR_WONT_FIT] = "Selected item cannot fit into memory",

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These are the commands I type into the grub shell: Code: grub> root (hd0,1) Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83 grub> kernel (hd0,1)/v

Pictures of the Taig Lathe, Mill & Other Tools and Accessories. Here are pictures of the Taig Micro Lathe and Taig Milling Machine, pictures of my machines and other.

Yesterday, I had an issue with my laptop: it didn't boot any longer. On startup, grub was started, but not with the normal menu, but just with a command line. When I.

2010年11月30日. をHDDに入れてGrubから実行すると、 Error 28: Selected item cannot fit into memory. というエラーが出て、メニューに戻されてしまう場合の対処。 開発環境の インストールされたLinuxを用意; Memtest86+ Link のソースコードを入手、任意の ディレクトリに展開; ソースコードディレクトリ内memtest.ldsファイルをエディタで開き、.

Apparently Grub can't deal with systems that have more than 2 gigs of memory very well and will not detect the. Error 28: Selected item cannot fit into memory.

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